About The Scholarship :-

This scholarship was established by Malcolm Carrington and Sherwin Bridgewater in memory of our grandparents, who instilled indomitable values of education, pursuing knowledge and achievement excellence in spite of circumstances. The road was not always easy nor were resources readily available, but the will and desire to achieve were resolute.

Helping others was routine in our households. Our grandparents always insisted that if you have one plate of food and someone visited while you are eating, take another plate and share with them. These values have been passed on from generation to generation and we are ready, willing and able to take the torch.

While the scholarship provides financial assistance, the recipients would benefit from the combined experiences and expertise of the CPS team which includes coaching and mentorship. Our aim is to ensure a smooth, memorable and fun transition into college. We encourage you to strive for academic excellence and never neglect your valuable contribution to society.

The Carrington – Philbert scholarship fund is founded on integrity, honor and dedication to service. Our process is transparent and adheres to the strictest codes of confidentially and ethics. We acknowledge the support of all contributors and thank you for commitment to our vision and cause.

To all applicants, we wish you all success in the pursuit of your goals and eagerly anticipate hearing all your achievements.


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